A new remote assistance service, which includes Augmented Reality (AR) and audio-visual functionality designed to facilitate monitoring and diagnostics to solve customer problems has been launched by IMI Critical Engineering.

Aimed at customers with an existing Frame/Service Agreement already in place, Connect is an additional digital service for Field Service, not a replacement for physical site attendance, and is designed to respond to new customer demands and scenarios in an enhanced way.

This portable digital tool has been specially developed to tackle customer problems such as travel and access restrictions, the need for a fast response, limited Service Engineer capacity, and budget constraints that have been increased by the Covid-19 pandemic.

A wealth of key features include; screen sharing for drawings, manuals, and applications, the opportunity to photo activities or record these via video, ‘hands overlay’ functionality to allow remote guidance by showing – as if you were there, the possibility to connect to an abundance of expertise via additional experts if needed, and the ability to draw and highlight necessary details on diagrams or equipment. The optional AR lightweight headset allows engineers to carry out their maintenance work safely without being impeded with additional awkward devices.

Customers also benefit from fast and easy contact with the best-qualified engineers and Valve Doctors® for the technology and application, and customer engineers can learn about the servicing of our valves and develop site knowledge via videos and calls.

Giuseppe Buscemi, Regional President Europe Oil & Gas & Power said: “We have listened very carefully and understood our customer needs in this challenging time of Covid-19. I believe we are really creating value for our customers with this ground-breaking digital tool. Connect can provide maintenance and troubleshooting for any valve technology without any delay, enabling customers sites to be back up and running at optimum efficiency right away.”

Download the IMI Critical Connect brochure below.