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IMI Critical Engineering develop Nuclear Components Manufacturing Hub

An IMI Critical Engineering multidisciplinary team has developed and implemented a collaborative supplier network to manufacture components for the nuclear power industry, called the Nuclear Components Manufacturing Hub. The team was comprised of those in the IMI Critical Engineering supply chain and employees from our IMI CCI sites in Switzerland and California. 

The business identified a need to have unique suppliers capable of delivering complex nuclear-classified components. This led to the concept of a multi-supplier collaborative network at the beginning of 2020 which combined IMI Critical Engineering’s nuclear solutions and the technological advantages from suppliers with the most stringent safety standards. This has enabled the team to meet customers’ high-quality requirements on time, despite the difficulties of the ongoing pandemic.

The team established partnerships with suppliers to ensure the continuity of manufacturing in different product lines. These mid-and long-term partnerships were essential due to the specific nuclear business singularities, occasionality, high qualification requirements, and know-how required. This allowed IMI Critical Engineering to reduce inefficient processes but also added tremendous value. The Nuclear Components Manufacturing Hub help to rebuild manufacturing capabilities and increase customer satisfaction and trust by providing more visibility of the supply chain and consolidating a wide knowledge base. 

In December 2021 the suppliers themselves were honoured with awards from IMI Critical Engineering to recognise their collaboration, service quality, and commitment to value creation in a highly regulated business.

Gil B. Faustino, Nuclear Quality Engineering & Quality Assurance Manager at IMI CCI, said: “We are proud of the success of the Nuclear Components Manufacturing Hub as it has helped us to solve business challenges and join forces with suppliers to work together to ensure success. We are fortunate to work with suppliers that reflect our ethos and high standards. With the support of the new hubs, we can continue to create value for our customers whilst ensuring the highest quality standards.”

Since the successful introduction of these hubs, the idea has been introduced to several other product lines, including mechanical valve components, I&C, solenoids actuators, and strainers, as well as to other IMI nuclear sites.

To find out more about IMI CCI’s nuclear products, visit our webpage.