The Challenge

The company produces petrochemical products including fertilisers, industrial chemical products, olefins and plastic resins. IMI CCI has an existing installed base of DRAG® valves and it was this relationship and IMI CCI’s reputation for severe service applications which led to the customer requesting support on their incumbent steam conditioning and spray water valves at one of their plants.

The installed valves were unable to provide the steam quality required for the critical downstream process. The customer asked IMI CCI and other companies to provide proposals for a new steam conditioning valve that would reduce the variability in the steam quality output; could be installed in the existing piping system; and which could guarantee the future availability of spare parts.

The Solution

In order to identify a solution that would work for the customer the IMI CCI team needed to understand the operation of the existing steam conditioning valve in the process.The team performed a plant walk down, talking to the valve operators and the maintenance teams to understand actual process conditions, maintenance records of the existing valves and the installation schematics. Based on a root cause analysis, the IMI CCI team was able to explain to the customer the physics behind the desuperheating phenomenon, the impact of it on the downstream temperature sensor and the quality of steam output from the valve. The IMI CCI team worked with the customer to agree that the most efficient solution would be to replace the whole system with two ABJ design valves for steam conditioning and spray water. The ABJ globe steam conditioning valve solution with steam assist design can evaporate water droplets within a short distance and can be installed in the existing globe configuration. Both these features proved to be an advantage for IMI CCI over competitor products.

The customer placed an order with IMI CCI for the system solution. They were impressed with IMI CCI’s ability to understand their needs by carrying out a plant walkdown as well as the superior steam conditioning solution which could be installed in the existing piping configuration.​