The Challenge

Since 1990, IMI CCI has had a long-standing successful relationship with a coal-fired power plant in Central Europe. During that time, IMI CCI has supplied the plant’s turbine bypass valves, desuperheaters, water control valves, boiler feedwater valves, and shut-off valves (a total of 111 valves). IMI CCI has also supported the customer’s efforts to manage spare parts and consolidate inventory.

When the plant owners began an effort to modernise their equipment, they saw the need to upgrade the hydraulic actuation system for their bypass control valves. Once again, they turned to IMI CCI to meet the challenges that arose from this plan. ​

The Solution

The customer planned to replace two high pressure (HP) hydraulic power units and two low pressure (LP) hydraulic power units. However, the available space was very limited, so the upgraded equipment would need to fit in roughly the same space. In addition, the time available to complete the upgrades was also limited. Fast delivery was essential.

In order to maximise their options, the plant owners initiated an open tender and sought out solutions from many hydraulic actuator suppliers. Due to the excellent performance of the prior equipment supplied to the units, superb IMI CCI technology and experience, and the ability to maintain spare parts interchangeability, IMI CCI was chosen to supply these valves. The technical team was able to meet the demands that the customer requested, and in the end, provided a successful upgrade to the customer’s ageing equipment.​