The Challenge

A major oil producer in the Indian Ocean, with a long-standing relationship with IMI CCI, was experiencing issues with several anti-surge valves on one of their offshore platforms.  These valves had been supplied by IMI CCI with competitor positioners specified by the customer. Unfortunately, the low capacity of these positioners, coupled with the demand for fast stroke, necessitated a complex control schematic with multiple volume boosters. This complex schematic led to increased maintenance needs, which proved to be problematic for the unmanned platform.​

The Solution

After a review of the problem and extensive discussions between the customer and IMI CCI, an actuator upgrade with an IMI STI FasTrak® positioner was proposed for the anti-surge application. The FasTrak® smart positioner is a high-capacity, high-precision digital-pneumatic valve controller that replaces a conventional positioner. The FasTrak® has excellent dynamic performance and high-flow capacity (Cv = 2) which, in most cases, eliminates the need for volume boosters.

Configuration and calibration of the Fastrak® can be carried out with a HART™ device or with the built-in self-calibration system. With the powerful FasTrak® self-calibration software, the operator has the ability to completely customise the operational parameters, allowing for great flexibility on an unmanned platform. The FasTrak® is compatible with both double and single acting actuators and with both spring return or springless actuator.

The upgrade to the FasTrak® positioner, and the resulting simplified pneumatic circuit, reduced the customer’s maintenance needs which led to considerable cost saving, while also providing superior performance. ​