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IMI Z&J is an international leader in the provision of custom-engineered, high-temperature valves for the iron & steel, petrochemical and refining industries.

We have over 140 years’ experience of working with refiners, technology licensors and operators to develop our high-quality, specialised valves. We specialise in valves that are suitable for use in high operating temperatures, large sizes, and that have a high-frequency of operation. Our in-house engineers customise valves to customers’ needs, and we continue to develop advanced technologies to reduce the long-term operating costs.

Fast Facts

  • Founded: 1877
  • Joined IMI: 2010
  • Installed base: 13,500 valves: 250 other products
  • Location: Germany, China, USA

Critical Applications

Iron & Steel


We also have a range of inlet and outlet and isolation valves (for air and hydrocarbon as well as for purging) for the dehydrogenation process (PDH) and high-performance isolation valves for ISOSIV / TIP Units.

Iron & Steel

IMI Z&J supplies valves such as: Hot Blast Valves, Shut Off, Pressure Control and Flow Control Valves, Goggle Valves and Bleeder & Equalizing Valves.

We also supply intelligent solutions for blast furnace plants like the 3D level measurement system p-matriX and the 2D gas temperature measurement system t-matriX.

Iron and Steel

IMI Remosa Z&J engineers at work
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Field service is understood by our specialist team as being available on-site within the shortest possible time–complete with portable equipment containers, erection equipment and special tooling. We are particularly well-equipped to undertake all types of Special Valves, various types of Drive Systems and the servicing of Blast Furnace plants, oil refineries, chemical plants and float glass units.