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IMI Critical Engineering's 840-3D globe valve: 3D-printed trim with DRAG® Technology reduces cavitation downtime, erosion, vibration, and noise.
Valve Trim Manufacturing Advances Vital to Reducing Control Cavitation

Control valve trim advancements, using 3D-printed components, combat cavitation issues, reducing costs and downtime in process plants.

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The IMI CCI Korea printed component showcases intricate design created using Retofit3D, revolutionising manufacturing with precision and complexity
Taking Additive Manufacturing Valve Part Production to the Next Level

Korea site adopts 3D printer, revolutionising valve manufacturing with efficient metal part production, reduced waste, and short lead times.

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Growth Hub: Creating Value in Power

Originally developed from a growth accelerator process first tested by IMI Critical Engineering in 2018, Growth Hub has since…

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Planned outages preempt equipment failure, avoiding reduced output or shutdown
Streamlining Planned Maintenance Outages

Minimise costly downtime resulting from planned outages by developing closer relationships with your manufacturing partners and reducing the financial…

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IMI Critical Engineering Korea Intensifies Focus on Additive Manufacturing with New 3D Printing Machine

At its South Korea facility, IMI Critical Engineering has expanded its additive manufacturing capabilities by incorporating a new 3D…

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To improve operational reliability, it is recommended that proactive maintenance be increased around critical components, including safety valves, shut-off valves, and control valves.
Poor asset management risks undermining European coal power contingency plans

UK’s use of coal power during March’s freezing temperatures exposes the fragility of European energy supplies and the risk…

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The Innovative Thinking Behind DRAG® Technology

Find out how the industry changing DRAG® technology was developed by the IMI CCI team to enhance valve efficiency…

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IMI Critical engineers a breakthrough in flashing solutions

IMI Critical Engineering develops new EroSolve Flashing solutions to prevent severe erosion and expand valve life

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next generation of engineers
Supporting the next generation of engineers to dream big

IMI Critical Engineering undertakes a wide range of activities to support the next generation of engineers

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