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EroSolve Flashing solution maximises valve performance in pressurised steam processes

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Do you want a solution that can reduce valve erosion from flashing, to enhance valve safety, lifespan, and operational performance? Our custom designed EroSolve Flashing solutions can reduce the total cost of ownership by up to 40%, delivering improved flow control, and facilitating easier maintenance.

Flashing is a destructive phenomenon that occurs in many industries that use steam processes. Flashing occurs when the pressure of a fluid passing through a valve is lower than the same substance’s vapour pressure. This causes the fluid to boil – otherwise known as ‘flashing’. Flashing can both ‘choke’ the valve, reducing flow capacity through it, and can damage the valve itself through severe erosion.

If left unchecked, flashing will reduce the operational performance and lifespan of the valve which is why IMI Critical Engineering has created a new solution, EroSolve Flashing, to cope with flashing conditions. This solution can replace the whole valve or just the trim as needed. EroSolve Flashing solutions will reduce valve erosion and operational costs, resulting in better performance, less maintenance, and a longer valve lifespan.

The EroSolve Flashing solution is available for steam valves in:

  • Coal fired power plants
  • Combined cycle power plants
  • Combined heat and power plants
  • Refineries
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Fertilizer plants
  • Processing plants

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Benefits of Angle Valve Flashing Solution: 860G-ESF/ 860H-ESF

  • Angle body configuration is the most effective in controlling flashing.
  • Hardened trim material applied to plug, seat, and cage (optional) to resist erosion.
  • Special seat design to maintain tightness, control leakage and improve performance.
  • Multi-path, multi-turn plug design moves flashing point away from the area between the plug and seat, minimizing damage to vital trim parts.
  • Maintenance options include replacing the whole valve, or parts of an existing valve.
  • Available for applications up to 550°
  • Available in a range of valve sizes: 1”, 2”, 3”, 4”, 6”.

Benefits of Globe Valve Flashing Solution: 840G-ESF/ 840H-ESF

  • Globe Valve Flashing solution drastically improves performance and safety without modifying the current pipe layout.
  • Seat basket placed inside valve as a sacrificial part, taking the damage instead of the valve body.
  • Customised seat basked creates back pressure, reducing the velocity of liquids downstream and reducing the pressure drop.
  • Easier and cheaper to fit, as parts can be replaced without removing the valve or reconfiguring pipes.
  • Machined or additive manufactured seat baskets are available to match operating conditions:
    • Standard seat basket as a target plate.
    • Seat basket with diffuser as a back-pressure device.