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Over the life of a plant, production needs can change significantly and place new demands on your process equipment. Periodic upgrades of valve components can help operators keep pace with both increasing production demands and changes to the original specifications for valve components.

We can help operators analyse the actual process conditions and recommend upgrade solutions to meet the current demands on the process equipment. This can help operators eliminate problems such as erosion, vibration, leakage or noise pollution, resulting in better plant performance, efficiency and reliability.

Erosion is a chronic problem faced by the key control element in industrial processes – control valves. It can be caused by extremes of temperature, pressure or the make-up of the materials being processed – and sometimes all three. When the physical properties of the substance being processed change, the application design, piping, and components may no longer withstand the operating conditions. The erosion can create a range of problems including damage to components, leakage, and clogging. These will inevitably result in higher maintenance costs, unplanned downtime, and an inefficient plant.

IMI Critical’s EroSolve portfolio of products is designed to fix common erosion problems in industrial valve processes: EroSolve Flashing, EroSolve Wet Steam, and EroSolve Metamorphic Trim.

Retrofit3D is a high-performance valve trim upgrade solution that utilises state-of-the-art additive manufacturing and traditional manufacturing methods. This combination enables us to manufacture valve trims with ultra-high precision while reducing the total cost of installation dramatically, creating upgrades that increase the reliability and performance of plant operations. Among our clients are oil & gas, power generation companies, and electricity generation power plants seeking fast, affordable, and reliable solutions to upgrade failing valves.

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