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A planned outage is the time for an operator to review the performance of their equipment, their maintenance programme, and their spares inventory.

IMI Critical Engineering engineers can help carry out this review, and provide a report on their findings, outlining:

  • How well the equipment is performing in live conditions.
  • Whether routine maintenance is being carried out correctly.
  • Whether the spares inventory is adequate and whether the spares are stored correctly.
  • Recommendations on equipment maintenance, repairs and upgrades, and on recommended spares to keep in stock.

Helping customers take back control

Contact your closest IMI Critical Engineering Aftermarket specialist for more information on planned outages.

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Preventative Maintenance

We always recommend that operators adopt a comprehensive preventative maintenance programme, to protect themselves against unplanned shutdowns, which can typically cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per day in lost production. IMI Critical offers a three-day preventative maintenance workshop to help operators manage their valve assets effectively.

The three-day workshop includes:

Review of original project, flow conditions, valve design

Disassembly, inspection and reassembly of equipment using original manuals

Hands-on workshop