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IMI Insyt analyses DCS data to forestall system critical failures

Power plants, which historically operated continuously, are now cycling, they increasingly supplement renewable power supplies. This increased stopping and starting of the plant puts additional pressure on the plant equipment, causing cracking in pipes and valves. This can compromise plant safety and also lead to costly repairs and lost income from unplanned downtime. Now, a new digital analytic tool, IMI Insyt, can predict plant failures before they occur, allowing operators to avoid unexpected shutdowns, lost revenue, and unsafe working conditions.

  • Full system surveys carried out by IMI Critical’s expert engineers
  • Cloud-based system can be initiated remotely or on site
  • Sophisticated analysis of DCS (distributed control system) plant data includes steam flow, spray-water profiling, and thermal cycling performance
  • Data and physics-driven analysis identifies potential problems, including:
    • Operational problems such as control logic issues;
    • Structural integrity problems, such as cracking and leaks; and
    • Design faults, such as over or under-sized equipment that impairs performance.
  • Prescriptive engineering service identifies improvements required to optimise plant performance, efficiency, and safety

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