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By commissioning valve components from IMI Critical Engineering, our clients are not only investing in world-leading valve technology but are partnering with a company with unrivalled application expertise.

We can help Energy Procurement Companies (EPCs) and operators throughout the complex commissioning process, including installation and testing of valve components through to the start of commercial operations.

Our partnering process can involve the EPC, the end operator, or preferably both.

Helping customers take back control

Contact your closest IMI Critical Engineering Aftermarket specialist for more information on commissioning.


In the commissioning phase, our engineers [can/will] carry out site visits and walk-downs to understand the operating requirements and schedule. They will recommend the most appropriate technologies and materials to deliver the required performance, and ensure the scope of supply is comprehensive.

They will also assess the storage facilities on-site to make sure that the valve and valve trim will not be damaged during construction when numerous processes such as cutting, machining, grinding and welding can create debris that can damage new components. They can recommend additional commissioning ‘tools’ such as hydrokits and flushkits to ensure [what?]

We also carry out a site inventory, and provide quotes for operational spares that we estimate will be necessary within a 2-year and 5-year framework.

Installation and Testing

In the installation and testing phase, our engineers [can/will] ensure our valves and associated trim are installed to our exacting specifications, optimising the performance of the components. They will oversee the installation of our valves, trim and associated components. They will install hydro and blow kits where necessary. They will install start-up trim and operational trim, and oversee the final commissioning and start of commercial operations.