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When and where you want it

An IMI Critical Engineering field service team is readily available to help operators troubleshoot their valve and flow control problems. Thanks to our team of over 200 highly trained field service engineers, 15 manufacturing plants, and six dedicated repair centres located strategically around the world, we are close by and ready to help.

Our technicians have access to the original factory drawings and specifications and are trained to conduct critical dimension analysis to identify valve problems. After our technicians have inspected the valves and identified the problem, the field service team will carry out any necessary repairs, replacing or upgrading components as necessary.

Helping customers take back control

Contact your closest IMI Critical Engineering Aftermarket specialist for more information on field service.

IMI Critical Engineering Connect

IMI Critical Engineering Connect uses a wearable augmented reality (AR) audio-visual headset which connects your field technicians with one or multiple experts across the global IMI Critical Engineering knowledge network.

The Connect system means that you can be put in touch with the best qualified engineer for your particular technology type. No delays, just solutions.