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Experts at your call

IMI Critical Engineering Connect uses a wearable augmented reality (AR) audio-visual headset which connects your field technicians with one or multiple experts across the global IMI Critical Engineering knowledge network.

By offering remote guidance equipment to the customer as part of the service agreement, Connect can provide maintenance and troubleshooting for any valve technology without any delay.

We want to solve customer issues quickly, so that sites can be back to running at optimum efficiency right away.

Helping customers take back control

Contact us at for more information or contact your local sales representative.

Key features

  • Screen sharing – Share drawings, manuals or applications.
  • Record – Take a photograph, record a video to document the activity.
  • Hands overlay – Use your hands to show your counterpart exactly what to do and how to do it – as if you were there.
  • Multiparticipant – Add additional experts to help guide you to the right solution.
  • Draw – The engineer and FST can draw and highlight necessary details.
  • Lightweight headset – Go about your maintenance without the technology impeding your progress.

Any IMI Critical technology support, anywhere in the world!

IMI Critical Engineering Connect removes geographic borders and brings valve experts directly to you anywhere in the world. Save time and fix problems straight away.


Download the IMI Critical Connect brochure