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With over 750,000 valves, including 250,000 bespoke valves installed, no-one knows more than IMI Critical about operating hazardous processes safely, efficiently and with minimum…

Taking Additive Manufacturing Valve Part Production to the Next Level

Korea site adopts 3D printer, revolutionising valve manufacturing with efficient metal part production, reduced waste, and short lead times.

Streamlining Planned Maintenance Outages

Minimise costly downtime resulting from planned outages by developing closer relationships with your manufacturing partners and reducing the financial impact.

Retrofit3D Video

IMI Critical Engineering Korea Intensifies Focus on Additive Manufacturing with New 3D Printing Machine

At its South Korea facility, IMI Critical Engineering has expanded its additive manufacturing capabilities by incorporating a new 3D printing machine.

BVAA Annual Conference 2023

Discover IMI Critical Engineering’s innovative additive manufacturing solution, Retrofit3D, at the BVAA Annual Conference 2023. Fast upgrade valve trim for improved plant operations and…

IMI Thompson Valves

IMI Thompson Valves designs and manufactures high-integrity solenoid valves, pressure regulators, and accessories for critical applications in the most arduous environments.


New Steam Flashing Technology Set to Reduce Valve Erosion

Angle and globe valves stand to significantly increase service life and alleviate costly erosion issues with new steam flashing technology

Alleviating Control Valve Erosion Crucial to Power Plant Uptime

Ongoing process steam leakage in power plants from control valve erosion must be addressed